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We've Changed Our Booking System 


With the need for social distancing, we have changed our studio layout as well as our workshop booking system.

Now, instead of booking a specific glass project, you will reserve a specific time slot for your group. Each of your group participants can then decide on their choice of glass project at the start of the session.

Beginner Glass Project Types Offered:
  1. Pattern Bowl or Tray ($150 or $135 for 3-5 participants)

  2. Small Pattern Tray ($110)

  3. Coasters ($125)

  4. Suncatcher ($95)

  5. Mezuzah ($100)

  6. Youth Dish ($85)

  7. Gold Fish ($100)

  8. Kids Create ($65) (Suncatcher, Lightcatcher, Soap Dish, Fuse 'n Frame or Night Light)

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