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Do I need previous experience?

Nope! We have replicated our in-Studio beginner workshops as closely as possible so that you can easily learn and make your first fabulous glass piece, at your pace, in your home.


We have also found that, with many of our adult students, having no creative experience can work as an advantage. Most of us have general knowledge of how painting, clay work and many other art forms work. But glass is so different that our pre-conceived notions are out the window; this has helped many discover creativity that they didn't know they had!

How young can kids be?

We have regularly taught kids from the ages of 5 and up, and, our kid's boxes have been designed to mimic our studio classes as much and fun as possible. No cutting or tools are required, only drawing, picking, placing and gluing glass bits (that have minimal sharp edges).

How long before I should return my boxed work and the Tool Kit?

  • Two Week Loan: We loan the included tool kit to you for 2 weeks as we have found it gives our home students plenty of time to make and finish their projects. 

  • Late Return Fee: Our tool kits are quite expensive and so the total number of tool kits that we have determines how many customers can make at home at any given time. This is why we have set a $10 per week late fee for tools kept longer.

How long does it take to build my glass project?

Our classes are generally 3-3.5 hours for adults and 1.5 for kids. But, that doesn't mean you need to limit the time you take to make. A great benefit of home workshops is that you can take as much time as you want to design and make your glass project. 


What if I am not sure about cutting glass or I have other questions?

  • We are here and I hope you do have questions. It's normal! Don't hesitate to text or call with your questions. And, if we need to chat in more detail we can arrange to FaceTime or video chat.

  • I usually answer quickly during regular hours of 11-7pm. I also often answer fairly quickly during evenings and weekends. (It's not like I won't be home!)

Working on Your Project

I'm struggling to come up with a design, what can I do?

This is the most common question in our workshops. Most of us feel we are not artistic, can't draw or lack good ideas. WRONG. Like anything, thinking and being creative is a skill that you need to explore, test, practice and nuture. Every creative person, every artist, struggles with this. But they persist, knowing that ideas will always happen. 

Draw, doodle. Put uncut pieces on the glass base and move them around. See how the colours interact. Google images: fused glass + bowl, fused glass + red, fused glass + abstract, etc. Stained glass, abstract painting, flowers, landscapes, vector art, etc. Visit our instagram: verbeekglassstudio, search on keywords: #fusedglass, #glassart, etc. Pinterest. Look around your home, what artwork or objects do you love? Is it for their shapes, colours, design?Watch a fashion video, look at wallpaper designs, look out the window, inspiration can be found anywhere.

And, the good thing, the wonderful thing about creating, is that once you have a goal of what you want to make, the act of cutting, picking colours and solving how to place the pieces, is immensely satisfying. This is when my classes usually go silent, even with 10 students in the room. They are all in the "zone". You can easily lose track of time and stresses in this creative zone. 

I didn't get enough of a particular coloured glass, what can I do?

This is one limitation of home workshops. But even at the Studio, we sometimes don't have a big enough piece of a colour wanted by a student. But this is also great. Many great creative ideas come from creative solutions to existing limitations. 

What if my idea turns out badly? 

Pause. Breathe.

  • The great thing about this work is that you can alter or completely change your design at any time.

  • A key reason the glue is slow drying is so that you can adjust and play with placement until you get what you want.

Can I use pieces of the clear practice glass in my design?

Yes! It's the same glass as the base. Fusing clear on clear gives you sections of a design that are simply that.

If I have any problems with my glued glass work, will you fix that?

  • Yes. Sending us a picture helps us know what your design is meant to be. 

  • if any pieces hang over too much, or an area isn't filled properly, we will also make those adjustments before firing.

What if pieces of my design fall off during transport back to the Studio?

  • No worries. This is unlikely, the clamping method seems to work well.

  • Pieces sometimes shift, this is why we want you to make sure you send a photo of your work. We can then re-place any pieces back the way you intended.

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