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Kids' Birthday Parties & Events

Cost: Based on total number of adult and child participants and project types chosen

We host children-focused glass class events for up to 10. And, while we do not have the facilities to host a sit-down lunch, you are welcome to bring snacks for the kids to share during a break or after they've completed their projects. 


Children ages 5-10 can make sun catchers or small plaques or with techniques specific to their age and ability. Techniques for children (from the age of 5 and up) range from "pick and place" (ages 5-7), "pick and glue" (ages 7-9), and "Cut, glue and place" (ages 9-13) to  "Design, cut and place" (ages 10+). Pre-teens and teens can either make more complex sun catchers, plaques or plates depending on their skills and interests.


As with our "Family Classes" parent(s)/chaperones are also encouraged to join in and make a glass project too.

Text or email us directly to book a workshop time that will be just for your family (weekdays or weekends). 

Text or email us for information or to schedule your workshop.

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