Fusing Fundamentals

A Solid Introduction to the World of Fusing

Fusing 1: Beginner

Adults & Ages 14

3 3-Hour Sessions

$ plus HST

This three, 3-hr course (total 9 hrs) will give you a solid introduction to the world of glass and glass fusing.


Great for:

  • Beginners who want a comprehensive start to fused glass.

  • Experienced fusers who feel like their fused glass education is a bit spotty and they want to fill in the blanks.


This introduction will also give you the basic skills that enable you to book studio time and to independently further your practice in glass.

Over the course you will learn: 

  • The properties of glass and glass compatibility

  • The principles of glass fusing by “deconstructing” a range of fused glass examples

  • Basic and advanced ways of cutting and shaping glass 

  • The fundamentals used in the majority of fused glass design

  • Explore how opaque and transparent glass can be fused to create a wide range of visual patterns and designs

  • Learn to consider your finished glass project in 3D while you design it in 2D 

  • Learn to prep, load and enter basic programs for kiln firing

Careful; you are likely to catch glass fever, and… it's incurable! :)



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