Family Workshops

Kids, Kids + Parents, Kids + Grandparents

Cost: Based on Number of Participants and Projects Selected


Our family workshops are great shared experiences where finishes proud of their glass piece. We can accommodate any size family with adults and kids age 5 or older. The workshops run 2.5-3 hours.

Each child's project is also tailored with techniques specific to their age and ability. Techniques for children (from the age of 5 and up) range from "pick and place" (ages 5-7), "pick and glue" (ages 7-9), and "Cut, glue and place" (ages 9-13) to  "Design, cut and place" (ages 10+).

Younger kids (5-8) usually their projects first (~ 1.5-2 hrs), but we have lots of things that keep them busy while Mom and Dad focus on finishing their projects. (We show kids other aspects of the studio's activities, have them make bonus fridge magnets or they can just flop on the couch and have a snack. ;) 

Text or email us directly to book a workshop time that will be just for your family (weekdays or weekends). 

Here are some popular combinations:


Pattern Bowl(s)

+ Kids Create

Pattern Bowl

+Pattern Tray

+ Kids Create 

+ Tween Dish

Pattern Bowl + Coasters

+ Kids Create 

+ Tween Dish


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