Kids Suncatcher, 7+

Parents Help

Box: $60 plus HST

Parents Help:

These home kits come with 3 glass tools for Mom or Dad to easily learn how to use and cut specific shapes or sizes of glass to assist with the child's design. Kids 8-10 are sometimes ablue to use the glass cutter and running pliers themselves.


At the studio workshops, we customize the design and assembly based on each child's age and ability. And, we often see kids come up with designs far more creative than parents even! 

If your child has a  specific shape or graphic in mind, bring along a picture. (We can also print a copy of the shape as a guide for your child to create with.) 

This is a 1.5 hour class. At least one parent or guardian should be in attendance with the student. (If a parent is doing a 2-3 hour class, we have lots of things that your child can do to hang out while you finish your project.)