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No experience required
A1 Brag Bowl

You'll brag about this!

$165 plus HST

3-Hour Session

There are countless ways to create mosaic type patterns for fused bowls and your design can be random, geometric, abstract or representational. You will be able to create your design using opaque, transparent or a glass mix of your choosing.  

This 3-hour session teaches you the basic properties of glass and how to control glass volume in your design. You will also learn how to use the 4 essential hand tools used by all glass fusers. 

In making a fused and slumped bowl, you will learn to: 

Learn the key properties of glass and how glass melts and flows during fusing 

Cut and shape glass to build your design 

Consider "highlight glass" such as frit or studio stringer to add an extra pop to your design 

Your finished bowl will be ready about 1 week after the class.

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