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Prerequisite: A1 Brag Bowl
Fusers' favourite glass

$250 plus HST

Two 2-Hour Sessions

Make a clock or dish with vanilla glass.

We call this workshop Vanilla Heat because this glass behaves differently than all other colours in the kiln. Heat causes both its colour and edges to  alter during firing. These fusing properties  are unique among coloured glass and allows you to create really interesting designs.  

In this advanced beginner class you will not only build a more complex design but also take your first steps in cold working (grinding, carving or polishing) your project. (Cold working allows for a wider range of options in glass design). 

It can take a bit of work, but its worth the time! 

This 2-evening workshop teaches you how to: 

  • Weigh and cut glass to build your design 

  • Learn the next steps in glass volume control 

  • Lap grind and shape your clock or bowl/platter blank  

  • Learn how sandblasting can affect your piece during firing 

This workshop accommodates up to 5 students at a time.  Your artwork will be ready to take home one week after your second class. 

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