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Family Workshops

Family Workshops

Attending: Up to 5 participants

Cost: Based on number of participants and type of projects selected by each person

Time: 2-3 hours

Your family can create together as we adapt every workshop by tailoring the projects and techniques specific to each person's age and ability. 


CHILDREN chooses their project type at the start of the workshop. We then tailor glass work techniques to each child's age and ability. These range from simple "pick and glue" (5+) to "limited cutting and glue" (ages 7-9), to "design, cut and place" (ages 10+).

ADULTS & TEENS can choose from any of our larger projects (bowls, trays, wall art).

If your child finishes before you: Younger kids (5-8) usually finish early so we have lots of things that keep them busy so older family members can focus on finishing their projects. (We show kids other aspects of the studio's activities, have them make bonus fridge magnets, they can help sort a bin or they can just flop on the couch and have a snack. ;)  


Text or email us directly to book a workshop time that will be just for your family (weekdays or weekends). 

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