We have made extensive changes to our studio and its operations to ensure our classes stay safe. (They are still just as fun!)


We are following all applicable Ontario* & Toronto Guidelines for public spaces that prioritize distance, contact-free transactions.

Class Size

  1. All workshops are now "private" and limited to 1-5 people from either one family or social bubble

  2. The studio door is closed to outside visitors during scheduled workshops (preventing unplanned visits from walk-in customers or visitors)

Entering the Studio

  1. Door handles and rails are disinfected prior to each workshop

  2. Everyone is asked to apply hand sanitizer upon entry

  3. As per provincial rules, the contact information for all participants will need to be collected

Studio Renovations

  1. Beyond provincial requirements, we have also installed a direct-to-external air flow system. This enhanced system, along with our ceiling fans, actively pushes air in the work area down and out - venting outdoors. (Covid droplets tend to hover in still air)

  2. The student-only front area (including the gallery, gift shop and couch) is separated from the staff area by three 7' Plexiglas barriers

  3. All glass materials and needed equipment have been moved to new shelves in the front student area

During the Workshop

  1. Students are asked to stay in the front student area unless accessing the restroom (It is sanitized after every use)

  2. All glass and tools are cleaned in advance. Disinfectant spray is also available at the workbench for students to use as needed

  3. We have a new system for accessing and sorting glass materials to minimize cross-contamination

  4.  Latex gloves are available upon requested


  1. Students may bring their own coffee, tea or drinks (with lids) and or small snacks 

  2. Complementary bottled water and Juice is also available

  3. We are not offering our coffee/tea service at this time

Workplace Safety & Prevention Services Guidance on Health and Safety for Retail Sector During COVID-19, PHSA, Ontario Government

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