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Family Workshops

Your family can create together as we adapt every workshop by tailoring projects and techniques specific to each person's age and ability. 

Minimum: 1 Adult + 1 Child or 2 Children. Attendance of at least one adult also required

Maximum: Up to 8 participants

Time: Depends on projects undertaken, Kids activities usually run 1.5 hours

Minimum Cost: $150 (2 participants, $75 each)

Children: $75 Kids Create project (sun catcher, nightlight, soap dish), or $80 specials project (unicorn, heart, rainbow)

Adult Cost: Any project, minimum $75 Kids Create (Adults can make these too!)

Regular Time: We have family workshops most Saturdays at 11:00am. But feel free to contact us if you want to schedule another time more convenient. Text or email us directly to arrange an alternate day or time.  

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