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We Customize Projects to Each Child's Ability

Cutting bits of glass and gluing into place (with an adult's assistance) is safe and fun for kids from the ages of 5 and up.


Techniques range from simple "pick and glue" (ages 5+) to "limited cutting and glue" (ages 7-9), to "design, cut and place" (ages 10+).

Verbeek Glass Studio: Fritz Mascot


Every class begins with a safety orientation for all participants young and old, including:​

  1. Studio orientation for safety equipment, tools, supplies, first aid kit, washroom, etc.

  2. No running or climbing is allowed

  3. Safety goggles provided (optional)

  4. Checking each child's position at the work table (seat height and or standing options)

  5. Full instructions for each tool that will be used

  6. What to do if glass is dropped or broken

  7. What to do if you get a glass sliver in your hand

  8. Although rare for children's classes, how to handle a glass finger cut (cleaning, bandages, etc.) is explained

  9. Participants will not be near nor accessing the kilns when they are on or hot

  10. Gloves are not generally needed for the classes, but available

Note: At least one parent or designated adult must be in attendance with their child(ren).

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