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Team Building, Friends Hanging Out, Girl's Art Night ... 

Participants: Up to 10 participants

Time: 3 hours

Group Pricing: 4-6 $155 pp, 7-10 $150 pp (Regular Price: $165 + HST)

 The Project: A1 Brag Bowl 

This private workshop is great for work teams, friends, or your monthly "art gang" to unleash their inner Chihuly. Learning something new is better in a group! 


Our standard beginner project works really well in larger groups. Participants make either a 11.5" bowl or 10.5" square platter.  We can usually accommodate your group off hours as well - between 10am and 9pm Monday-Sunday, depending on availability. You can also brings a beverage and or snacks for your group.


Text or email us: 416-817-7107,

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