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No experience required
Contours: Lightbar or Garden

Choose Project at Workshop

$145, $135 or $185 + HST per person

2.5 Hrs

Learn to play with light and glass. Your design can be abstract or a simple landscape .

Choose from our three beginner contour projects, all designed for you to proudly display in your home: Light Bar $145, Wall Art $135 or Garden Stake $185.

You will:

  • Learn the key properties of glass and how glass melts and flows during fusing

  • Learn about contour fusing and how it offers different design opportunities than full fusing

  • Cut and shape glass to build your design

  • Work with our accessory glass (frit, stringer, squiggles, dots) to customize your design in unique ways

Your finished works come with the hardware needed: an LED light base for the light bar, a ready-to-hang wood panel for the wall art or a 36” coated iron stand for the garden glass.

Your finished project will be ready about 1 week after the class.

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